Here is a list of Practitioners that Georgina has personally worked with and recommends.

The Practitioners here are highly recommended by Georgina and are in order of the number of years she has known them.

Dr. Ellen Jensen - Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc. C.C.I.I.

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Dr. Ellen Jensen studied the science of Iridology for several years with the legendary natural healer, Dr. Bernard Jensen, at the Hidden Valley Health Ranch in California. Ellen became Dr. Jensen’s protégé, learning all that he had to teach in the fields of Iridology, and Nutrition and is the only person who has written permission from Dr. Bernard Jensen to place his seal on his iridology certificates.

Ellen has studied and worked in the field of iridology and natural healing for nearly 30 years. She is now an internationally recognized authority on iridology and “Whole-istic” health. Ellen’s e-books and educational courses in iridology are used by natural healing schools and students around the world. She is renowned for her work in Comprehensive Iridology™. 

Dr. Kimberly Balas is a board certified naturopathic physician with a PhD in Bioresource engineering and a PhD in Nutrition. 

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Kimberly has a previous background in aerospace engineering while working at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Dr. Balas is an international lecturer, instructor and author. She conducts research and data analysis on many natural products, equipment and software development as well as formulating health products for a variety of companies. She belongs to ANMA (American Naturopathic Medical Association), ANPA (American Naturopathic Physicians Association), AHG (American Herbalists Guild), IAACN (International American Association of Clinical Nutritionists), IIPA (International Iridology Practitioners Association) where she served as a board member for 6 years. Dr. Balas is an advisor to Verita Advanced Wellness Center in Singapore and currently beginning new projects with facilities in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Shanhai.. She is the author of Cholesterol: Fact or Myth, Blood Chemistry Analysis, Metabolic Typing and Blood Profiling, Applied Aromatherapy, pH, Blood Typing and Nutrition, The Practitioner’s Guide to Herbal Consulting, The Women’s Guide to Natural Hormones and A Metabolic Approach to HcG and contributing research to The Consumer Products Guide and was recently mentioned in Fit Pregnancyand People Magazine as Jewel’s (hit recording artist) naturopathic physician. Dr. Balas has many celebrity and high-profile patients both in the US and internationally.   Currently Dr. Balas has a clinical practice in Casper and Gillette, WY where she sees patients in-house and via phone consults all over the world. She has worked with Steven for over 12 years and is his business partner in Vital Solutions.

Cheryl Courtnall ~ Vancouver Island Spiritual Medium

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This Vancouver Island Medium's roots are strongly tied to family, friends, her love of nature and family traditions. Born in Duncan and raised in Victoria, this is where the magic bean in her real life fairy tale began. She took for granted from childhood that every household and family life felt like heaven on earth. She felt everything from the time she was born able to see things that others didn't. Her childhood fostered love, respect, kindness, generosity and charity for all mankind lead by her gifted parents Archie and Kathy demonstrating daily acts of kindness for the greater good of others.

 At 14, she was diagnosed with a rare disease called "scleroderma" which turns the body to stone and spent time in Seattle Children's Hospital as well as specialists at the Pittsburgh and Toronto hospitals with hope for answers only to find her journey of healing would take her much further than the quest for a cure.She drew healing from Natural medicine coupled with her team of doctors. Physicians have said that her spiritual beliefs, gifts and desire to try alternative medicine have been a large part of her continued recovery and she has taught them to see life as a journey of possibilities.  At 41, she could no longer walk and her speech was fading. A urologist discovered a birth defect in her kidney which resulted in a lifesaving surgery. It was through studies of healing, natural medicine and spiritual development, and dedication to helping others that carried her in her own life.

Life is sacred and special.

Sam Shields

Sam is a ThetaHealing Practitioner, intuitive reader, writer and coach; offering both healing and coaching sessions.

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THETAcademy: private and group coaching programs;


AMP: Activate and develop your ThetaHealing skills. 


THRIVE: PASSION BUSINESS: Create and expand your business.


Basic DNA and Advanced DNA certification courses.


 Sam's first book, a children's bedtime songbook called

'Baby Blue Heron and the Story of Grandma's Passing.'

will be out early next year.

Arrow Gonsalves

Master Trainer | Master Healer | Motivational Speaker | International Bestselling Author |

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TEDX Audience Energizer

Classes | Workshops | Retreats....Online | In Studio | On-Location.

Hi there! I specialize in training high performers to release stress and cut through overwhelm to be healthy, centered and charismatic. Through my brain and body training systems I'll guide you to nourish your core and brighten your mind to function at peak performance. 

Instructing the Tao Healing Arts since 2003; I lead regularly scheduled Shin-sun-do classes, a 9700 year old personal cultivation practice of yoga, qigong and energy meditation. These classes are supported by my signature program Human Energetics, Retreats, Workshop Facilitation, Leadership Training and Traditional Healer Training.

My methods expertly blend traditional Taoist training techniques and cutting edge modern neuroscience. My omnipotent 5 step system fosters personal empowerment and mindful living through cultivating your internal ki. You will be guided to self-mastery level through meridian exercise, chakra training, nature based philosophy, brain education and both; dynamic and static forms of chant and meditation.

Daniel Haftkovich - Certified Hypnotherapist

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My name is Daniel Haftkovich. I am a certified hypnotherapist and IMDHA board certified. I completed my training at Y.O.U. Academy of Advanced Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a deep and abiding passion of mine. It has brought about the most amazing changes and growth to both my life and the lives of clients whom I have been fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with. Hypnotherapy is a gentle and yet highly effective method for dissolving misguided beliefs and negative behavioral patterns which prevent an individual from achieving optimal results for emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health.

I bring a unique style and approach to hypnotherapy coaching which includes ongoing support to assist in your healing journey, both personally and professionally.